(Marcus Rose,2008)Bio:Marcus Andre Rose 


Born into an inspired family (Ina Rose, his mother, is an artist),Marcus Rose combines artistic talents for both painting and jewellery design.

'The purpose of distortion in my works is an extension of the ideas of distorted space of M.C. Escher and Victor Vasarelly. The
spaces are otherwise literal in their interpretation.
All space is distorted, all time is distorted.
These techniques remind us of these facts
and are also a tool to direct the mind to an altered interpretation of reality.

Buildings describe the utilitarian intent and ambition of their inhabitants, providing historical, cultural and economic reflections.

Buildings are many things simultaneously:

utilitarian as refuges, creative expressions of architects, cultural reflections and historical markers, and more’

Exhibiting principally in the US, Australia andFrance, Marcus’ current work in inspired by his studies of urban landscape and sculptural forms. His ‘Metropolitan’ series features paintings that interpret building elevations and interior settings. The works examine the relationship between people

and their constructed environments. The era and location of the building expressed in the works vary considerably and include settings from Australia, the US, Italy, France, Russia and Japan.

B 1954, Melbourne, VictoriaAustralia.
1975 BEc. Llb. Monash University, Victoria.
1977 Publisher, Monash Law Journal.
1977 Dir., MAR Graphic Design, Victoria.
1979 - 1992 Jewellery design, IGD PL Vic.
1992 - 2008 Jewellery design, Charles Rose PLVic.
2001 - 2002 L'Ecoled'Artd'Aix en Provence.
2004 - 2006 Fine Art Victorian College of the Arts. Vic Australia
1994 Mar. Panorama Galleries, Fitzroy Vic. Australia.
1997 Nov. Intergem Gallery, Melbourne Vic. Australia.
2001 Apr.CharlesGallery, Melbourne Vic. Australia.
2006 Oct. Red Gallery, Fitzroy, Vic. Australia. “Metropolitan”.
2007 Apr. Art Melbourne 07. Melbourne Vic Australia..
2007 Sep. Affaire in the Gardens, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 Oct. William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2007 Oct. Art Sydney. Sydney NSW. Australia.
2008 Jan. Royal Aspen Gallery, Aspen Col. USA.
2008 Feb. Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra ACT. Australia. “Edifice”
2008 Apr. Art Melbourne 2008. Melbourne Vic. Australia.
2008 May. Affaire in the Gardens, Los Angeles, USA.
2008 May. Art Brisbane, Qld. Australia.
2008 July. Altman Fine Art Los Angeles, CalUSA. “Metropolitan”.
2008 Sep. Shanghai Art, Shanghai, China.
2008 Oct. Art Sydney. Sydney, NSW, Australia.
2008 Nov.CharlesGalleryGeelong Vic. Australia. “The City”
2009 Apr. Art Melbourne 2009, Melbourne Vic. Australia.
Suburban Gallery,Brighton, Vic. Austarlia
CharlesGallery, Geelong, Vic. Austarlia.
Salt Gallery, Queenscliff, Vic. Australia.
Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra, Australia.
William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles. CA USA.
Altman Fine Art, Los AngelesCAUSA.
Art Nuvo Gallery, Buderim, Queensland, Australia